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Because the environment is at the heart of all we do, we offer organic lawn care services for our customers. Lawn Doctor understands that some of our customers wish to use only organic lawn fertilizers and organic lawn care products. This is commonly known as "green" or all organic lawn care. Lawn Doctor offers program options for organic lawn care which are effective in helping produce a green, healthy lawn.

Lawn Doctor organic lawn care programs are effective and committed to Environmental Stewardship. Our organic lawn care services are designed with the environment in mind. Customers choosing organic lawn care programs may also choose to supplement these services with our Custom Lawn Care options.

Organic Lawn Care Services

Lawn Doctor's organic lawn care programs offers customers a way to utilize organic lawn care products while selecting additional services that help them create a healthy, picture-perfect yard.

  • This organic lawn fertilizer draws at least 30 percent of its nutrients from natural and organic sources. The balance of the nutrients are from synthetic (man-made) sources.
  • Our locations may offer organic lawn care services such as:
    • Core aeration
    • Power Seeding
    • pH Adjustment (Lime or sulphur applications)
    • Soil Enrichment
    • Mole Repellent (Molexit or other castor bean products)
  • Pre-emergent and broad leaf weed control are available as custom lawn care services that can be applied when the customer feels necessary.
  • Lawn Doctor’s full compliment of custom organic lawn care services is also available, including surface feeding insect control.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care Services

The Lawn Doctor organic lawn fertilizer program:

  • Builds organic matter in the soil, increasing soil health
  • Stimulates natural soil life
  • Strengthens plants' natural defense system
  • Safer for family and pets
  • Improves root growth
  • Reduces drought stress

Results of Organic Lawn Care Services

Utilizing our organic lawn fertilizer offers you an affordable way to integrate natural and organic lawn care elements into your lawn service. Organic lawn care services also offers customers the flexibility to choose elements of our traditional Maintainer Care - such as weed control and pest control - as custom services to create the yard they desire. To compare our traditional maintenance programs, natural lawn care and organic lawn care services, contact your local Lawn Doctor professional.

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